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The Skeena Experience
Discover The Wild Side In You

Fishing the Skeena River for Wild Steelhead and for Pacific Salmon. Anglers consider it to be one of the best fisheries in Canada and on the planet for wild Steelhead and Pacific Salmon. These waters can provide you with exceptional fishing experiences on rivers that are both beautiful and uncrowded.
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  • If you are looking for a fishing trip on the Skeena River or on one of the Skeena region rivers we can help you to find the best solution that meet your needs. Our guided trips are designed to satisfy both beginners and experienced anglers. We offer float and jet boat trips and we also have a number of 'walk and wade' days on remote wild streams .
    Each day you will be treated to eight hours of spectacular angling with one of our full time staff of friendly, experienced, professional guides.

    Steelhead Fishing

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    The Skeena water system is probably the only fishery in the world where you can still catch a true wild steelhead, the steelhead runs are high in numbers the size average between 8 to 15 pounds with 20+ pounder are not uncommon to engage.
    Snow white capped mountains, crispy crystal air, cold ginger clear low waters flow placidly before the melting season arrives. This is the time for the addicted steelhead angler that is looking for a fight with the most aggressive and strongest Skeena steelhead of the year. From late April the first run of Chinooks enter the Skeena and at any time are available coastal cutthroats, dolly varden and bull trout.

    Size : as big as you can
    Season : from April to mid May
    Summer time
    and the living is easy. Enjoy the Skeena summer weather meanwhile fishing for the steelhead biggest migration of the year. All these fishes have three things in common: they are all fresh from sea, never saw a fly and they are chromed and powerful. No matter to which river their are heading, all these steelhead are swimming in the Skeena and you will be there to catch them. The summer is the season of the steelhead trophy catch, a the same time there are available all five Pacific Salmon species.

    Size : Average 8 to 10 pounds 20 lb are not uncommon
    Season : from mid July to mid September
    Legends of the Fall
    The legendary season for steelhead fishing in the Skeena region. Last fresh summer steelheads are rushing the Skeena river and his tributaries to join the other many steelheads that holding their position in the pools of the Skeena tributaries. This is the time of the year where you can hunt steelhead on dry fly. Maybe the time spent in the river from the summer remind to these steelheads of their time spent as young rainbow and that is why that some of them would take a dry fly. This is the time to fly angler to enter into the legend.

    Size : 8 to 15 pounds 20+ pounder are not uncommon
    Season : from mid September to mid November
    Into the Wild
    For angler who truly want an adventure, we can arrange a day of fishing in some remote river in the interior or isolated coastal river. These streams varies from small to medium size and are perfect to fish with single hand rod or small spey rods. Fishes average from 5 to 8 pounds with the possibility to catch a big one.
    Only two guest per trip are allowed and the availability of this trips depends strongly from the weather and water conditions. A good physical condition is required.

    Salmon Fishing

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    If you are looking for a fair challenge between fisherman and salmon the Chinook is your fish. This is the biggest and mightiest salmon that you can land with a fishing rod. The average size of these bulls is from 35 to 50 pound but it is not uncommon to hook a 70 pounder. A monster of 100 pounds was caught in the Skeena River.
    Periods Mid June – Mid August
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    The Pink is the little brother of the Pacific salmon family. Don’t be fooled by his modest size averaging 2 to 6 pounds; he will fight tenaciously like his bigger brothers. Beginners and young fishermen will love to fish for pink.
    Periods Mid July - End August
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    The Coho will put up an incredible acrobatic and unforgettable show just for you. Runs and Jumps are it's the best numbers of it. The average size is from 5 to 15 pound with some silver bullet weighting 30 pounds. This characteristic makes Cohos a fly fishermen’s favourite target.
    Season Late August - Late October
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    Fishing for Sockeye is fun for everyone; from the expert to the beginner no matter what technique it is used
    This is the time when it is possible to fish all four species of Pacific salmons and the steelhead.
    Periods Mid July - End August

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    Strength and endurance are the characteristics of this salmon. If you want to test the robustness of your equipment or the strength in your arms, come and fight with a Chum weighing from 8 to 15 pounds.
    When: Mid July – Mid August
    Fishing Rates
    Steelhead & Salmon
    We offer numerous fishing packages for each of the main seasons in some of the best world renown fishery in Canada. Depending on species and time of year, we can build an adventure package that is unique and meets your expectation. To provide a customer-focused experience of the highest quality, we offer both 5 and 6 day fishing packages for groups of max 10 angler or for the single angler adventurer. Below you will find the overview of each package.

    1 OR 2 ANGLER

    650 $CAD

    plus tax

    1 fully guided day

    +150$ third angler


    3,195 $CAD

    plus tax / per angler

    4 days guided

    5 nights


    4,195 $CAD

    plus tax / per angler

    6 days guided

    7 nights

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